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February 2018 Archives

What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do for You

It is common knowledge that you need a real estate lawyer when they buy or sell a home, but many people are not entirely sure what their lawyer actually does for the transaction. This is something we intend to clarify in this article, and it should help you make the right decision when choosing a Mississauga real estate lawyer for your real estate deal. 

What happens if you miss a mortgage payment?

When a borrower fails to pay their mortgage installments, the lender can choose between several mortgage remedies. These include power of sale, judicial sale and foreclosure. There are several more, but these three are the most commonly used, and we will be dealing with them in this article. 

Law Clerk vs Lawyer: What's the difference?

Law clerks and lawyers can often be confused as being the same, due to the similarities in their job tasks and title. In Ontario, the law clerk can be seen as the right hand man to the lawyer. As law firms and corporate legal departments are constantly being challenged to provide the best possible legal council 

What is Title Insurance and do I need it?

Whether you're thinking of purchasing a home soon, or already a homeowner, getting Title Insurance should be something to consider. Although Title Insurance is not required in Ontario, it will protect residential or commercial property owners and their lenders against losses related to the property's title or ownership. 

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