Real Estate Pricing

Our pricing, includes all tax and disbursements

REFINANCE: $900 (plus title insurance)
SALE: $950
PURCHASE HOUSE  $1,300 (plus title insurance and Land Transfer Tax)
PURCHASE CONDO: $1,400 (plus title insurance and Land Transfer Tax)
DISCOUNT of $300.00 is provided when you complete your purchase transaction with no mortgage

 Frequently Asked Questions about Title Insurance

  • Which Title Insurance do you recommend?
    • We use Stewart Title on most purchase transactions
  • Why do you recommend title insurance?
    • Title insurance offers benefits of insurance for certain risks.
  •   What are the benefits of Title Insurance?
    •  Title insurance is an alternative to a lawyer’s opinion that protects purchasers and lenders from the risks inherent in real estate transactions.Title insurance is a means of insuring homeowners and lenders against loss or damage sustained as a result of covered title risks, many problems that would be identified by an up-to date survey and non-compliance with applicable municipal by-laws. Some common examples of covered risks include: liens, encumbrances, tax arrears, work orders, fraud, forgery and impersonation.